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What is Hikvision's Live-Guard Technology?
A guide to AcuSense Live-Guard technology from Hikvision.

12/05/2021   Callum Bustacchini   61   0   Hiktionary  

What is Hikvision's AcuSense Live-Guard Technology?

Hikvisions Acusense technology can provide fantastic deterrents to would-be intruders by sounding an alarm or a recorded message and flashing a strobe light when a person enters the cameras pre defined area. The camera will then also send you an alert to let you know that it has been activated. This is great when you are away from the property or have an area that needs additional security when you are there, but is unnecessary and annoying when you are there and don't require the feature to be on.

With the latest Live-Guard technology you can control the Acusense feature on each camera independently, either from the recorder or directly from the Hik-Connect app on your smart phone or tablet. This means you can turn off the AcuSense feature for the garden while you're having a BBQ, but leave it activated on the front door camera. 

AuSense Live-Guard can also be connected to you Hikvision AX PRO alarm system, giving you complete control over your home security system from one app.

With Live-Guard, there are two different methods of getting it set up:

  1. Hik-Connect App - This app can be used enable/disable notifications off from AcuSense cameras and start/stop compatible cameras from alarming locally. The app also has the ability to select different statuses such as "Away" and "Stay" arming modes, and can be used to create up to 4 controllable areas. This functionality is controlled entirely via the Hik-Connect app and does not require NVR alarm input to be set.
  2. AX PRO Alarm Input - This method can be used to enable/disable notifications from AcuSense cameras and also start/stop cameras from alarming locally. If a customer has the AXHub wireless alarm with a relay output module, this can be used to control the alarm input on the NVR. This also supports control from third party devices that have a dry contact output.

What are the main functions of Live-Guard?

Away Arm - Suitable when you know that no one should be in the camera's detection areas and having all cameras armed is desired.

Stay Arm - Suitable when you know that there will be people in the camera's detection areas for all or just a few of the connected cameras. Cameras set to this will not trigger a notification when movement is detected within their detection radius.

Disarm - Suitable when the user does not want any of the cameras to be armed. No alarms or notification warnings will be triggered in this mode.

Clear Arm - This will stop any triggered alarms.

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