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I need a total of 7 motion sensors in my system if I buy the 

Pyronix Enforcer Wireless Intruder Alarm Kit (ENF/KIT3-UK)

Is it possible to add in 3 wired sensors or do I need an additional module?
And if its possible is it something simple to do?

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The Enforcer panel has two Double End Of Line wired inputs only. In order to expand this, you will require the Zem8 wired expander which can be found here https://connectec.uk/security/intruder-alarms/wired-alarm-systems/wired-alarm-panels-and-kits/pyronix-euro-zem8-8-input-wired-expander

This will need to be wired to the panel on the RS485 Bus and your detectors wired to the expander. I would say if you are not familiar with the configuration of the Enforcer, this may require the assistance of a qualified installer. Alternatively you could just replace the three wired detectors with wireless to keep things simple.

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