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I have adding a PIR to Euro 064 - LCD keypad how do i add it to the main system (Euro 46 v10) is it under input set-up or somewhere else? I have tried adding it as a entry/exit on input 09 but it dose not seem to be seen?

Just had a reply on another forum from a helpful Handymanjo which sorted my issue so posting it here incase anyone else has the same issue
Handymanjo wrote :
"Keypad address 0 zone input 73 and 74
Keypad address 1 zone input 75 and 76
So zone 1 on keypad 0 will be zone 73 and zone 2 on keypad 0 will be zone 74.
Keypad address 1
Zone 1 on rkp will be zone input 75 and zone 2 on rkp wil be input 76"


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