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So I have an Enforcer V10 installed in my property and I have a question about how my alarm system will respond in the event of an actual break in.

My alarm response is set to Start at signal digi and end at Confirm (I don’t know what this means).

if for example someone was to gain access through the front door, will they be granted the same ‘entry time’ grace that I am when I come home and need to disarm the system? Under Night set I would hope that the panel and external alarms would sound on alarm.

please can someone also explain what a confirmed alarm is?



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A confirmed alarm is where 2 PIRs have been activated, if 1 PIR is activated then a intruder signal is sent but then if a second PIR is activated this is when a confirmed signal is sent. Confirmed is used mainly for police to respond if your alarm is set up for police.
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I think that DransfieldSecurity is quite right. I've just wanted to answer the same

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