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I am upgrading my optima concept alarm panel/system for the pyronix euro 46 panel & keypad

I also want to fit a communicating module in the panel to get the pyronix cloud pro control+ app etc enabling me to receive push notifications...my alarm panel is right nxt to the router in boiler cupboard so I presume I'm best purchasing the digi-lan wired communication module ?

I also will be replacing my nova guard bellbox with a pyronix deltabell x at front of my house

but I also want to install new wiring(6 core) and another deltabell x at the rear of the house for extra security...i am told I can operate 2 bellboxes but the 2nd in scb mode....am I correct in wiring a 6 core from the 2nd bellbox to the panel or from bellbox to bellbox ?

I will be upgrading the alarm system myself as fitted the original alarm system(electrician albeit not an alarm engineer) but unsure as to how to go about getting the pyronix cloud pro control + app.... believe it's a subscription service although I also hear end user installer it's free ?

any advice much welcomed and appreciated


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purchasing a lan module as the router is quite near would be the best solution. it is a subscription service (first year free) and then after that £36 per year. As with the bell i would wire it back to the panel

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