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Hi, I’ve followed the procedure outlined on your site 4 times now by using SADP, password reset, file download, sent downloaded file to HikVision, got rest code back from HikVision, input new code into SADP, selected update camera password option, set new password, got password reset successful message.

However, when I then try to access the camera on SADP via camera management using user name and new password I get an error message saying “incorrect user name or password”.

When I select modify in camera management for any of my cameras, i get a pop up that shows camera data including user name and password which are greyed out. The password displayed is 6 dots and my new password has 12 characters.

HikVision keep telling me to reset the password, hence I’ve done it 4 times without success. Do you have any idea how I can overcome this problem and allow me to access my cameras.

Also when I input my camera IP addresses individually into my browser they will not load. Only the NVR IP address loads.

Any help/advice you can give would be greatly appreciated.

kind regards Peter

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It's important to ensure your computer/laptop running SADP is on a wired network and is on the same IP range as the camera (e.g. If the camera is set to 192.168.254.xx your computer needs to be set to 192.168.254.xx).

Sometimes when the network conditions are not ideal SADP does not complete the reset correctly.

The number of dots in the password field is not always a true representation of the length of the password so I wouldn't use that as an indication of whether the reset has worked.

Are the cameras connected to a switch or directly to the NVR and what is your computer connected to?

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