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I have a Hikvision IP turret camera that needs resetting. How do I reset the password the camera?
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I also searching the similar information. when I wanted to reset the Hikvision IP CCTV camera at that time <a href="https://www.uaetechnician.com/CCTV-Installation.html">cctv installation</a> error message shown on my system. I could not understand what is the link between the reset and software error problem.

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Some Hikvision cameras have a reset button that can be used to rest the device. The button is often located close to the SD card slot and usually under a protective cover. If the device has a reset button it needs to be held in while the device is powered off and then kept held while powering up the device and for a short while after powering on.

A lot of devices however do not have a reset button. Devices including DVR's, NVR's and IP CCTV cameras without a rest button can be reset using the SADP software which is freely available from Hikvision.

How to reset a Hikvision device using SADP.

Before starting please note that the device must remain powered on during the reset process and the whole process must be completed within a 24 period.

  1. Run SADP on a computer attached to the same local network as your device.
  2. The device should show in the SADP device list
  3. Select the device and from the panel on the right select "Forgot password"
  4. Select the option to reset the password by generating a code
    1. If your a registered installer you can email the file to Hikvision direct at support.uk@hikvision.com
    2. If you are an end user email the file to your installer or supplier. Devices purchased from Connectec can be reset by emailing the file to support@connectec.uk
  5. You will receive a file back from Hikvision
  6. In the forgot password area within SADP upload the file that has been supplied
  7. As long as the device has not been powered off and the file is uploaded within 24 hours you will now be able to set a new master password and subsequently access your device
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It's worth noting that Hikvision UK support will only provide reset codes for UK spec cameras that were purchased in the UK from an authorised distributor or re-seller
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To avoid the reset process you can send a camera or recorder that needs resetting to us at the address below and we will reset it and return it to you for a small fee that covers return postage.

Five Crosses Ind Est

Please ensure to include your name, address and telephone number.

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Hikvision have released a how to video that explains the process

How to reset a Hikvision IP camera or recorder password

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