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I want to know if I can add the EZvis wireless chime to my EZvis DB1 doorbell that is connected to my NVR and running with the procontrol+ app along with my other cctv cameras rather than running it with the EZvis app that wants me to subscribe to cloud storage, anyone know if this can be done please? Thanks

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You can use the EZVIZ App without a subscription just fine. There is a prompt asking if you want to subscribe but this can be skipped. The devices work fine standalone with MicroSD cards and no cloud subscription.

I would recommend using the EZVIZ App if possible as support in other Hikvision/Pyronix Apps is sketchy and often leads to issues in our experience. EZVIZs longer term plans are to completely separate the EZVIZ devices from other Hikvision devices and the App will likely stop supporting EZVIZ devices in the future.

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