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Can I program Enforcer 11 from the wired keypad?

Asked one year ago in Intruder Alarms by Tony | 1 Answer

I have an Enforcer 11 which is mounted in my loft with a wireless keypad downstairs for arming/disarming. If I replace the wireless keypad with the Pyronix Premium wired keypad, will this enable me to do all programming, engineer tests etc (everything I have to do at the Control Panel) via the keypad. Also does the keypad readout mimic the readout on the control panel?

1 Answer

Answered one year ago by Nathanael
Yes, If you connect a wired keypad to the enforcer (the premium one or the basic contemporary one) it will essentially give you the same level of control as the keypad on the main panel allowing you to program it remotely.

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