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I have some Cat 5e cable that is CCA. I;ve been told this isn't suitable for PoE CCTV cameras. Is this correct or can I use this cable?

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In theory yes although I wouldn't advise that you do.

CCA or CCS cable has copper coated or clad aluminium or steel conductors which although cheaper than solid copper have a number of disadvantages.

The conductors in CCA cable are considerably more brittle that solid copper conductors making them more likely to crack when routing cables and resulting in cable failures.

They are also harder to terminate and more likely to fail during termination.

Aluminium or steel conductors offer reduced conductance when compared to solid copper meaning operational cable lengths and the potential power that will be available from PoE sources will be reduced.

Installing long cable runs can be time consuming so risking cable failure by using cheap cable is often false economy when the work has to be re-done.

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