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The recording time from a CCTV camera depends on the following

  • Camera resolution
  • Encoding method (h.264, h.265)
  • Frame rate (FPS)
  • Scene complexity
  • Bitrate (kbps)
  • Continuous or motion recording

Some examples based on 128GB of storage taken from the Hikvision storage and network calculator tool are in the table below

Encoding Resolution Frame rate Scene Bitrate Type Days
H.264 1920x1080 10 Medium 1536 Continuous 24hr 7
H.264 1920x1080 15 Medium 2048 Continuous 24hr 5
H.265 1920x1080 10 Medium 768 Continuous 24hr 15
H.265 1920x1080 15 Medium 1024 Continuous 24hr 11

If you are using motion detection and expect for example 12 hours total movement you will be able to store footage for double the time.

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The storage and network calculator is now available online at the link below

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