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This is the product I'm referring to: https://connectec.uk/security/intruder-alarms/wired-alarm-systems/wired-alarm-sounders-and-bells/pyronix-twin-alert-internal-sounder

I want my Enforcer panel to be silent to avoid giving away its location but I would still like a sounder for chime/count down at my entrance.

Can I wire this to the Enforcer panel to achieve this? This is in addition to a wired external bell box.

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The enforcer panel does not have a 16ohm speaker output and as a result the Twin Alert sounder would have to be wired in to the bell output. This would mean that the sounder mimics the external bell and would only produce a siren when the alarm is sounding and would not give exit entry tones etc. You could however use a wired keypad connected to the enforcer and connect the onboard output on the keypad to your sounder/speaker which would then act as a speaker giving exit/entry tones. The keypad required for this would be the EUR-064 as this has the onboard I/O connections.

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