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Ubiquiti Wireless Bridges
Powerful wireless devices for point to point or point to multi-point connectivity 

A range of outdoor wireless bridging devices for outdoor wireless point to point (PtP) links or wireless IP surveillance networks.

Outdoor wireless devices are available on the 2.4GHz or 5GHz frequency and some offer features like PoE pass through and surge protection. Standard devices are ideal for small point to point (PtP) links while more powerful devices offer greater signal intensity, longer range and better protection from interference.

For advice or to request pre-configuration of your devices get in touch with one of our wireless network specialists.

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  • 2.4GHz Frequency
  • Up to 13km range
  • 150Mbps throughput
The Ubiquiti NanoStation NSM2 is a powerful 2.4GHz wireless bridge with PoE pass through that is ideal for point to point networks and wireless CCTV
£66.59 Ex VAT
  • 5 GHz Interference free
  • Up to 10km range
  • 450Mbps throughput
The Ubiquiti airMax NS-5ACL is a compact 5GHz wireless bridge that features easy app based set-up, long transmission range and surge protection
£38.59 Ex VAT
  • PoE with Pass through
  • Up to 15km range
  • 5GHz 450Mbps
The Ubiquiti NS-5AC is a 5GHz AC wireles CPE that is PoE powered and features PoE pass through for easy deployment of surveillance cameras etc
£98.67 Ex VAT
  • 5GHz Frequency
  • 19dbi Antenna up to 15km
  • Up to 450Mbps throughput
The Ubiquiti airMax NBE-5AC-GEN2 is a 5GHz ac network bridge that has a precise beam for accurate, interference free, high speed point to point WiFi
£74.69 Ex VAT
  • 5GHz Frequency
  • Up to 450Mbps
  • Precise beam pattern
The Ubiquiti LBE-5AC-GEN2 LiteBeam is a low cost 5GHz precision point to point wireless bridge that delivers speeds up to 450Mbps and long range links
£51.75 Ex VAT
  • 5GHz frequency
  • Up to 450Mbps throughput
  • Long range point to point
The Ubiquiti PBE-5AC-GEN2 is a powerful 5GHz wireless bridge capable of speeds up to 450Mbps that is ideal for long range point to point networks
£90.85 Ex VAT

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