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  • Simple retro-assembly
  • 10mm or 6.5mm
  • Split tube cores
Our split ferrite cores reduce the electromagnetic interference from being induced in or radiated from data & power cables. Available in 10mm & 6.5mm
From £0.85 £0.71 Ex VAT
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  • Up to 10K Resolution
  • Supports 3D video
  • Dynamic HDR
High quality HDMI cables that support up to 10K resolution, Dynamic HDR for particularly rich colour & 3D video. Available in 1m, 2m, 3m & 5m lengths.
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  • 60m LAN extension
  • Integrated Data Socket
  • Solid Copper Wire
Solid core Cat6a 60M network cable reel to extend Ethernet links for temporary cable installations at events such as trade fairs, conferences etc
£85.52 Ex VAT
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  • Shielded FTP
  • Up-to 10 Gbit/s
  • 500 MHz
A premium quality shielded Cat 7 high speed patch cable with LSZH sheath designed for ultra-fast connections up-to 10 Gbit/s at a frequency of 500 MHz
From £3.73 £3.11 Ex VAT
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  • Up-to 40 Gbit/s
  • LS0H cable sheath
  • GHMT Certified
A range of premium certified Cat 8 shielded patch cables with an LSZH sheath that are suitable for up-to 40 Gbit/s ultra-fast connections
From £12.38 £10.32 Ex VAT
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  • Active Repeater
  • HDMI Type A M/M
  • 3840x2160 @30Hz
Our high-quality HDMI connection cable features HDMI connectors & an active repeater for optimal transmission of digital ultra-high-definition 4K TV
£101.38 Ex VAT
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  • Protects Unused Ports
  • Key with Keychain
  • Prevents Damage
Our lockable RJ45 security anti-tamper plug provides a cost-effective solution to secure an exposed network jack by restricting unauthorised access
£1.92 Ex VAT