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Acusense - What is hikvision's Acusense Technology?

Information about Acusense real-time image analysis technology

27/11/2019   Nathan Owen   4254   0   Glossary  

Acusense is the name for a new technology from Hikvision that analyses live video in real-time and intelligently identifies people and vehicles.

Acusense technology is combined with intrusion detection or line crossing which allows a user to define an area where a target should be identified. Unlike conventional analytics that simply look for a change in the image, Acusense analyses movement and determines if it is a person or a vehicle.

Analytic events can be used to trigger notifications, emails, alarm outputs or even built-in warning systems on certain cameras. By incorporating Acusense technology there is a significant reduction of false alarms which improves the accuracy of events and notifications.

Acusense Technology with Analogue CCTV Systems

On an analogue CCTV system Acusense technology runs on the DVR (recorder) meaning that any camera can be used. Certain models in the current generation of Hikvision Acusense DVR's can only carry out real-time analysis on a limited number of the input channels. This is indicated in the recorder model number as shown in the image below.


Acusense is activated on an analogue recorder by selecting the human or vehicle target detection option in the line crossing and intrusion detection event configuration settings.

Acusense technology with IP CCTV Systems

In an IP network CCTV system Acusense technology runs directly on the camera. An Acusense camera can be used as a stand-alone device or with a standard NVR. On the current generation of NVR's Acusense can be activated from the NVR while on older recorders Acusense needs to be configured using the cameras configuration interface.

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