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Riello launches UPS Selector
Finding the perfect UPS is just a click away

14/01/2018   Nathanael Owen   2301   0   News  

This new tool allows users to quickly select the best UPS configuration for their needs in a few simple steps.

The system also allows users to select the specific environment for the application (Soho, Data Centre, E-Medical, Industry, Transport and Emergency) and then choose the most suitable UPS type.

The SoHo and Datacentre sections have been developed using a comprehensive and continually updated product database that helps and guides users, allowing a more precise dimensioning of the load. Furthermore, users can also select a choice of cabinet, phase, autonomy and potential future load growth, presenting one of the following three options:

  1. BEST BUY: the configurator selects for user the most economical product for the power specified
  2. BEST CHOICE: the configurator selects the product that the user needs by analyzing more of the data entered
  3. BEST PERFORMANCE: the product that the configurator suggests is the most efficient UPS with a wider margin of power to meet future needs

Check out the new UPS Selector on the Riello website

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