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Riello UPS Battery Compatibility Chart

06/05/2022   Nathan Owen   85   0   Power  

Use the chart below to identify which batteries are compatible with each model of Riello UPS.

UPS Series
Internal Ah
Supplied Battery Make and Type
iDialog Series   
ID 40 / IDG 40071YUASA NP7-12L
ID 60 / IDG 60091CSB HR1234W F2
ID 80 / IDG 80091CSB HR1234W F2
ID 120 / IDG 120072YUASA NP7-12L
ID 160 / IDG 160092CSB HR1234W F2
iDialog Rack Series   
IDR 60091CSB HR1234W F2
IDR 120072YUASA NP7-12L
iPlug Series   
IPG 600 / IPG 600 UK71YUASA NP7-12L
IPG 800 / IPG 800 UK91CSB HR1234W F2
NetPower Series   
NPW 60071YUASA NP7-12L
NPW 80091CSB HR1234W F2
NPW 100072YUASA NP7-12L
NPW 150092CSB HR1234W F2
NPW 200092CSB HR1234W F2
Vision Series   
DVT / VST 80 / VST 80072YUASA NP7-12L
DVT / VST 110 / VST 110092CSB HR1234W F2
DVT / VST 150 / VST 150074YUASA NP7-12L
DVT /VST 200 / VST 200094CSB HR1234W F2
DVR 50092CSB HRL634W F2
DVR 80094CSB HRL634W F2
DVR 110094CSB HRL634W F2
VSR 80094CSB HRL634W F2
VSR 110094CSB HRL634W F2
VSD 110073YUASA NP7-12L
VSD 150093CSB HR1234W F2
VSD 220076YUASA NP7-12L
VSD 300096CSB HR1234W F2
Vision Series Battery Boxes   
BB SDH 72-M114 (2 x 7)12YUASA NP7-12L
BB SEP 72-B1386YUASA SWL1100
Sentinel Pro Series   
SEP 70 / SEP 70072YUASA NP7-12L
SEP 100 / SEP 100073YUASA NP7-12L
SEP 100 ER / SEP 1000 ER 
SEP 150 / SEP 150093CSB HR1234W F2
SEP 220 / SEP 220076YUASA NP7-12L
SEP 220 ER / SEP 2200 ER 
SEP 300 / SEP 300096CSB HR1234W F2
SEP 300 ER / SEP 3000 ER 
Sentinel Pro Series Battery Boxes   
BB SEP 36-B1383YUASA NP38-12
BB SEP 36-M114 (2 x 7)6YUASA NP7-12L
BB SEP 72-B1386YUASA SWL1100
BB SEP 72-M114 (2 x 7)12YUASA NP7-12L
Sentinel Dual Series (Low Power)   
SDH 100 / SDH 100073YUASA NP7-12L
SDH 150 / SDH 150093CSB HR1234W F2
SDH 220 / SDH 220076YUASA NP7-12L
SDH 300 / SDH 300096CSB HR1234W F2

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