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Riello UPS Battery Compatibility Chart

06/05/2022   Nathan Owen   222  

Use the chart below to identify which batteries are compatible with each model of Riello UPS.

UPS Series
Internal Ah
Supplied Battery Make and Type
iDialog Series   
ID 40 / IDG 40071YUASA NP7-12L
ID 60 / IDG 60091CSB HR1234W F2
ID 80 / IDG 80091CSB HR1234W F2
ID 120 / IDG 120072YUASA NP7-12L
ID 160 / IDG 160092CSB HR1234W F2
iDialog Rack Series   
IDR 60091CSB HR1234W F2
IDR 120072YUASA NP7-12L
iPlug Series   
IPG 600 / IPG 600 UK71YUASA NP7-12L
IPG 800 / IPG 800 UK91CSB HR1234W F2
NetPower Series   
NPW 60071YUASA NP7-12L
NPW 80091CSB HR1234W F2
NPW 100072YUASA NP7-12L
NPW 150092CSB HR1234W F2
NPW 200092CSB HR1234W F2
Vision Series   
DVT / VST 80 / VST 80072YUASA NP7-12L
DVT / VST 110 / VST 110092CSB HR1234W F2
DVT / VST 150 / VST 150074YUASA NP7-12L
DVT /VST 200 / VST 200094CSB HR1234W F2
DVR 50092CSB HRL634W F2
DVR 80094CSB HRL634W F2
DVR 110094CSB HRL634W F2
VSR 80094CSB HRL634W F2
VSR 110094CSB HRL634W F2
VSD 110073YUASA NP7-12L
VSD 150093CSB HR1234W F2
VSD 220076YUASA NP7-12L
VSD 300096CSB HR1234W F2
Vision Series Battery Boxes   
BB SDH 72-M114 (2 x 7)12YUASA NP7-12L
BB SEP 72-B1386YUASA SWL1100
Sentinel Pro Series   
SEP 70 / SEP 70072YUASA NP7-12L
SEP 100 / SEP 100073YUASA NP7-12L
SEP 100 ER / SEP 1000 ER 
SEP 150 / SEP 150093CSB HR1234W F2
SEP 220 / SEP 220076YUASA NP7-12L
SEP 220 ER / SEP 2200 ER 
SEP 300 / SEP 300096CSB HR1234W F2
SEP 300 ER / SEP 3000 ER 
Sentinel Pro Series Battery Boxes   
BB SEP 36-B1383YUASA NP38-12
BB SEP 36-M114 (2 x 7)6YUASA NP7-12L
BB SEP 72-B1386YUASA SWL1100
BB SEP 72-M114 (2 x 7)12YUASA NP7-12L
Sentinel Dual Series (Low Power)   
SDH 100 / SDH 100073YUASA NP7-12L
SDH 150 / SDH 150093CSB HR1234W F2
SDH 220 / SDH 220076YUASA NP7-12L
SDH 300 / SDH 300096CSB HR1234W F2

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