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What is Hikvision ColorVu Technology?

A guide to Hikvision ColorVu and how it can benefit your security system

12/05/2021   Callum Bustacchini   992  

One of the main challenges with Infrared sensors on modern CCTV cameras is they are only able to show night-time images in black and white. While this is OK for basic details such as a car make or model, but without the ability to see colour, a lot of information is missed. Colour-related information is crucial for many scenarios and are a great asset for data and analyses, especially when a crime has been committed and every piece of information is vitally important. 

ColorVu from Hikvision is a technological development that allows these cameras to produce a colourful image, even in ultra-low light conditions. This is a great advantage over conventional cameras as it allows for people, vehicles and other objects to be shown in a truer form rather than merging with the environment and being blurry.

ColorVu cameras are able to achieve this due to two major advancements in hardware technology; their advanced lenses, and high-performance sensors. A supplemental light compliment these for extremely dark conditions and guarantees full colour detail when you need it most.

What benefits does full-colour video give?

Viewing CCTV footage captured on cameras that rely on infra-red technology for low light / night time video capture can make it difficult to work out certain details, some of which can be vital when used as evidence. ColorVu cameras allow for not only excellent low light video capture, but accurate colour rending by balancing the image's brightness and giving the user a far more realistic render.

Application scenarios where ColorVu shines


Residential buildings such as flats, multi-layer homes and apartments usually have areas within them that aren't very lit such as stairways and balconies, making those spots potentially risky when the sun goes down. If an accident or more severe incident were to occur in these areas, traditional CCTV cameras may find it difficult to capture the details of the situation. Cameras equipped with ColorVu technology, however, are first-class when it comes to surveillance in these types of conditions, illuminating the area not only allowing it to capture better video but also making it safer for residents.

Small Businesses

Business owners can use ColorVu to enhance the security and reliability of video capture where thefts and other crimes may occur, such as dimly lit coffee shops, dark hallways, bin areas and loading bays. The illumination that these cameras provide helps to deter thieves or internal misconduct, making both customers and staff feel that bit safer when working.

Multi-Level Car Parks

These types of car parks can be difficult to protect for a variety of reasons. The supplemental lighting that ColorVu provides makes these them easier to secure by providing a source of light where it would otherwise be dark. This also reduces the need to install additional lighting in these specific areas, making for a single lighting and camera solution which reduces installation costs further.

Outdoors / Parks

ColorVu cameras placed strategically can provide a discrete security solution while providing light to darker areas where people may be uncomfortable passing through during dark evenings and night time, such as walkways, play areas, restroom entrances and outdoor gyms. This additional light promotes a safer feeling to the community, making people feel more comfortable in their outdoor spaces.

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