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About Triax

Triax is an international supplier of reliable and innovative solutions for the reception and distribution of video, audio and data signals. They connect everything from homes and business critical hospitality solutions, to realising complex, large-scale integrations. Their high quality, high tech products and solutions are used by broadcasters, cable operators, installers and wholesalers.

Triax provides solutions for the reception, processing and distribution of video, audio and data:

  • Reception and distribution of satellite and terrestrial signals for a single residential unit
  • Reception and distribution of signals for multiple residential units (MATV/SMATV)
  • Solutions for CATV
  • Solutions for IPTV

Triax provide solutions that are as easy to use and as efficient as possible. These principles are at the core of Triax, applying from the very first research and product design sketches, to our customer service and support. Triax is a customer-driven culture, where it's easy to have your questions answered. Our expert help and guidance will always be clear and straightforward.

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