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Seagate SkyHawk 3.5

Seagate SkyHawk 3.5" Surveillance (CCTV) Hard Drive

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  • Optimised for Surveillance
  • 24x7 Operation
  • Up to 20 TB capacity
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Seagate Skyhawk Hard Drives are tuned for heavy workloads and are perfect for 24x7 use in DVR's NVR's where reliability at high capacity is critical (Read more)


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The Seagate Skyhawk range of Hard Disk Drives are the perfect companion to your CCTV recorders. Designed with reliability in mind, they are tuned specifically for this purpose to ensure reliable operation 24 hours a day 7 days a week.


The innovative ImagePerfect firmware enables smooth, clear video streaming for always-on, 24/7 surveillance environments - helping to ensure your business can always have a formidable layer of protection.

SkyHawk is built to scale with your needs and reliably performs in multi-drive systems. Multi-drive surveillance systems can rely on the SkyHawk’s RAID-optimised hardware, keeping drives and systems in the field longer.

NVR ready design enables reliable performance in DVR and NVR systems with 8+ drives*
Robust drive design in a RAID environment maintains drive performance by improving vibration tolerance


  • Built to record 90% of the time
  • supports up to 64 cameras
  • Up to 20 TB or 2,000+1 hours of HD video
  • 180 TB/year workload rating
  • ImagePerfect™ firmware
  • SkyHawk Health Management
  • Unparalleled data protection
  • RV sensors built in
  • ATA streaming support
  • 1 M hours MTBF, 3-year limited warranty
  • Lower power consumption
10396 SkyHawk 1TB 3.5-Inch £49.51 In stock
10397 SkyHawk 2TB 3.5-Inch £64.75 In stock
10398 SkyHawk 4TB 3.5-Inch £87.28 In stock
10421 SkyHawk 6TB 3.5-Inch £131.44 In stock
10422 SkyHawk 8TB 3.5-Inch £176.45 In stock
11270 SkyHawk 10TB 3.5-Inch £240.02 In stock
13929 SkyHawk 12TB 3.5-Inch £302.26 Ordered on Request
18016 SkyHawk 16TB 3.5-Inch £338.09 Ordered on Request
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I have a Hikvision CCTV system, I need to back up a day's worth of recording to an external hard drive as a break in happened on that day, is this device suitable for that?
( )
You would need a USB hard drive or a large USB flash drive for large backups.
( )
Hi ,I have got a 16 chanel 8mp Annke 4k poe camera, 2TB memory is not enough ,would you suggest I get a 8TB ?
Please advise. Thank you
( )
Upgrading to 8TB would give you significantly longer recording times but we would recommend that you check the specifications of your recorder to ensure that it supports up to 8TB drives as many only support up to 6TB
( )
Is this compatible with Hikvision DS-7608NI-K2/8P 4K capable 8 channel NVR?

Also what level of warranty is provided?
( )
Yes these drives are compatible with the Hikvision recorders and come with a 3 year manufacturers warranty. The firmware on your recorder may only support up to 6TB
( )
Hi my hard drive on my swann dvr8 cctv is showing ( no disk ) and I'm looking for a replacement hard drive for my unit ,,,, can you tell me if or which one I would require ,,, and if suitable,,, thankyou ,,,
( )
We would recommend any of our Toshiba or Seagate Surveillance drives but we would suggest not going any larger than 4TB as your recorder may not be compatible.
( )
Is this harddrive shown suitable (seawater skyhawk 3.5 "HDD 2TB) for a Swann Dvr8-1260 home cctv 4 camera system
( )
Yes this hard drive should be fully compatible with your recorder
( )
Is this a suitable replacement for a Seagate Pipeline HD 1000GB, or a Seagate Video HD 1000GB, used in Humax Freeview and Freesat receiver/recorders?
( )
Hi Anthony,

Providing your recorder supports the SATA interface for hard drives, this will be a suitable replacement. Seagate's SkyHawk line of hard drives are designed for 24/7 use, perfect for surveillance systems.

Kind regards
( )
What is the date of manufacture of this drive please as you don’t mention if these are brand new and unopened in manufacturers original sealed anti-static packing?
6TB Seagate SkyHawk 3.5" Surveillance (CCTV) Hard Drive
( )
All of our hard drives come from our own warehouse stock. They are all brand new, unopened in the original manufacturers sealed anti static bag.
( )
Does the rpm of a hard drive affect the performance of the cctv?
( )
Surveillance drives are geared for heavy continuous use not high performance and are suitable for most standalone systems. This should not affect the performance of a system with less than 24 cameras but this is dependant on other factors like camera resolution/frame rate etc.
( )
Could this be used as a normal hard drive in a pc
( )
These drives are optimised for surveillance use which is write intensive. We wouldn't recommend these drives for normal PC use as there may be noticeable performance issues.
( )
What's the difference between a CCTV hard drive and a normal one?
( )
Key differences are that CCTV Hard drives are optimised for continuous sequential writing rather than random read/write and are designed to manage temperature and vibration better.
( )

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