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I want to use my Pyronix Enforcer with the mobile App. How much does the subscription to the Pyronix cloud service cost and can I control the alarm with my phone without the cloud?

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The subscription to the Pyronix cloud can vary if you subscribe through an installer as they will determine the cost and they may include other services as well.

If you register as an end user with Pyronix the subscription is £36* per year for the cloud service only.

* Correct at the time of posting and subject to change. Please contact Pyronix direct for the latest price.
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If you search online you should find companies offering Pyronix cloud subscriptions for less than Pyronix.

We can offer 1,2,5 and 10 year terms saving you money and protecting any price increases for that duration.

DIY installers welcome and you can register your panel from new if required.

1st Year is free (new installs only)
subsequent years charged at the current rate.

If you already have a subscription you will have to get that deregistered and provide the System ID and Cloud password to your new provider.

Please note: You need to check your agreements with your current provider before swapping. If they refuse to deregister there are still options that can be taken.
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If  my installer refuses to deregister my system what other options do I have?
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Apologies for the delay in a response.

Firstly the installers shouldn't have an issue with de registering, even if its registered with an installer rather than your own email.
Unless the system does not belong to you, ie rented or on some kind finance.

Login into the Pyronix cloud on a computer, and you should be able to request a deregistration, if you are unable to find that option you can opt to raise a ticket at https://www.pyronixcloud.com/ticket/

Its is important to note that Pyronix will email the account holder and ask them to verify the deregistration, if there is no reply then you may have to wait a few weeks before the panel is released.

If you were transferring to us, then we could check on the progress and advise on the next steps to take.
Unfortunately it can get very involved and each circumstance is different.

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