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CCTV Recorders
24/7 High Definition Recording 

Connectec stock a wide range off CCTV recorders that are suitable for displaying and recording from analogue or IP network CCTV cameras.

Most CCTV recorders can be fitted with a hard drive for storing video recordings from the attached cameras.

Modern CCTV recorders can be used either directly by connecting a HDMI monitor and mouse or they can be accessed from a PC or mobile device over a network or the Internet.

Analogue CCTV Recorders (DVR)

Analogue CCTV recorders use conventional BNC video and RCA audio connectors for attaching cameras. Hybrid analogue CCTV recorders can also record from IP network cameras attached to a local network.

Analogue CCTV recorders use powerful processors to enable advanced features like motion detection. 

IP Network CCTV Recorders (NVR)

IP network CCTV recorders work with IP CCTV cameras that are either attached directly using Ethernet cables or connected through a local network.

IP network recorders with PoE ports can be connected directly to compatible IP CCTV cameras enabling power, video and audio to be sent over a single cable.