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Ajax ReX 2 Radio Signal Range Extender with Photo Verification

Ajax ReX 2 Radio Signal Range Extender with Photo Verification

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  • Compatible with MotionCam
  • 35h Back-up Battery
  • Up to 5 per System
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The Ajax ReX2 is a range extender of communication signals that expands the radio communication range of Ajax devices including the MotionCam PIR. (Read more)


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The Ajax ReX 2 is a range extender of communication signals that expands the radio communication range of Ajax devices fitted with a hub, including the MotionCam PIR, up to 2-fold. Developed only for indoor use. It has a built-in tamper resistance and is equipped with a battery that provides up to 35 hours of operation without external power.

The Rex 2 enables users to place Ajax devices at a considerable distance from the hub for protecting multi-story offices, detached buildings, and even production plants. Connecting 5 ReXs to the security system extends its coverage to up to 35 km².  ReX 2 works with MotionCam and MotionCam Outdoor motion detectors. When triggered, they take a series of animated pictures, helping to assess the situation before the alarm is raised.

ReX 2 integrates the devices into an autonomous group within the system. The extender takes full control of the situation if the connection with the hub is interrupted for some reason. If one of its detectors sends an alarm signal, ReX 2 may activate the siren to attract attention to the incident and scare off the burglar.

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ReX runs on OS Malevich and is as capable as the hub. The intelligent extender manages its connected devices and makes critical decisions in a blink of an eye. The capabilities and the role of ReX in the security system continue to evolve with the free OS Malevich updates available for all the users.


  • Wireless signal extender for the Ajax Jeweller alarm system
  • Guaranteed delivery of alarms and photo verifications
  • Compatible with MotionCam PIR
  • Communicates at a distance of up to 1800 m
  • Grade II
  • Transmits alarms in 0.3 seconds
  • Operates up to 35 hours on the back-up battery
  • Up to 5 range extenders can operate in the security system
  • Reliable link for secure communication
  • Always in sync with the hub
  • Immediate reaction to threats
  • New features with every system update
  • Functions up to 35 hours after power outage
  • All data is encrypted using a block cipher with a dynamic key
  • Notifies of jamming and tampering with the device body
  • QR code for simple connection
  • SmartBracket mount for quick set up
  • Mobile application for configuring and testing
Installation method
Compatibility with Ajax control panels
Hub 2 (2G)
Hub 2 (4G)
Hub 2 Plus
Hub Hybrid (2G)
Hub Hybrid (4G)
Compatibility with Ajax range extenders
ReX 2 does not connect to another range extenders
Compatibility with Ajax detectors and devices
Central panels: ReX 2 can be connected to Hub 2 (2G), Hub 2 (4G), Hub 2 Plus, Hub Hybrid (2G), Hub Hybrid (4G).

Range extenders: ReX 2 cannot be connected to another radio signal range extender.

Integration modules: ReX 2 cannot be connected to ocBridge Plus and uartBridge.

Power supplies: ReX 2 is compatible with 12V PSU for Hub 2/ReX 2 and 6V PSU for Hub 2/Hub 2 Plus/ReX 2.

Other devices: ReX 2 is compatible with all Ajax devices that support Jeweller and/or Wings radio protocols.
Maximum connected devices (in a system with one range extender)
Hub 2 (2G)
up to 99

Hub 2 (4G)
up to 99

Hub 2 Plus
up to 199

Hub Hybrid (2G)
up to 99

Hub Hybrid (4G)
up to 99
Number of range extenders connected to the compatible hub
Operating system
OS Malevich
Main power supply
110-240 V, 50/60 Hz

12V⎓ with 12V PSU
for Hub 2/ReX 2

6V⎓ with 6V PSU
for Hub 2/Hub 2 Plus/ReX 2
Backup power supply
Li-Ion 2 A·h
built-in backup battery

Up to 38 hours of backup battery life
when Ethernet is disabled

Up to 12 hours of backup battery life
when Ethernet is connected
Jeweller and Wings radio protocols
Communication range in an open space

between ReX 2 and a hub
up to 1,700 m

between ReX 2 and connected devices
up to 1,700 m
depends on device model

Two-way communication

Radio frequency bands:
866.0 – 866.5 MHz
868.0 – 868.6 MHz
868.7 – 869.2 MHz
905.0 – 926.5 MHz
915.85 – 926.5 MHz
921.0 – 922.0 MHz
(Depends on the sales region)

Maximum effective radiated power (ERP)
up to 20 mW

Polling interval
from 12 to 300 s
Adjusted by PRO or user with admin rights in the Ajax app.

Encrypted communication
Block cipher encryption based on the AES algorithm

Frequency hopping
Connection via Ethernet
8P8C connector
Up to 100 Mbps speed

Available with OS Malevich 2.13
Alarm signal delivery time
0.3 s
Operating temperature range
From −10°C to +40°C
Operating humidity
Up to 75%
Protection against spoofing
Jamming notification
Tampering alarm
163 × 163 × 36 mm
330 g
24 months
Complete set
ReX 2
SmartBracket mounting panel
Power supply cable
Ethernet cable
Installation kit
Quick start guide
Service life
10 years
16552 ReX 2 (BLACK) In stock
16553 ReX 2 (WHITE) In stock
  Ajax ReX 2 User Manual
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