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  • SKY HD/Q compatible
  • UHF/VHF output options
  • IR control
The Antiference DMHD01E HDMI Modulator is an HD encoder that converts audio data into AAC or MPEG1-L2 and Video data into H264 for digital use.
£150.53 Ex VAT
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  • Built-in EDID management
  • HDMI Loop & IR Control
  • 2/4/8 PoE receivers
Antiference HDMI 1080p Splitter/extenders over CAT 6 has a HDMI loop & IR control and is supplied with a kit with 2, 4 or 8 PoE receivers.
From £103.70 £86.42 Ex VAT
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  • POE receivers
  • 4K HDMI input
  • IR control
The Antiference HDMI0104SCATV2 is a 1 x 4 HDMI 4K Splitter Over Cat 6 with an IR control included as well as a HDMI loop.
£345.71 Ex VAT
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  • Up to 1080p Resolution
  • HDBase-T technology
  • Extends HDMI up to 120m
The Antiference HDMIE120 HDMI Cat6 Extender can increase an HD signal up to 120m reducing the need for unnecessary cables and lowering cost.
£85.32 Ex VAT
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  • Up to 1080p Resolution
  • Extend HDMI and USB
  • IR Controls Supported
The Antiference HDMIE120KVM HDMI Cat 6 Extender can increase an 1080p HD signal up to 120m and supports both IR and USB without additional cables
£103.94 Ex VAT
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  • HDBaseT Compliant
  • PoE Powered
  • IR Control
The Antiference HDMIE50P is an HDMI signal extender that can distribute 1080p HD video up to 50m over a single CAT6 cable, with integrated IR control.
£46.54 Ex VAT
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  • Extend 4K Ultra HD
  • PoC Powered
  • IR Control
The Antiference HDMIE50V2 is a HDMI extender that can transmit a 4K ultra HD signal up to 50m over cat6 cable, with a PoC receiver and IR control
£112.00 Ex VAT
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  • 1, 2, 4, 6 & 8 Way
  • Fully Screened
  • Power Supply Included
The Antiference MHK range of fully screened Wideband Masthead Amplifiers come in 1, 2, 4, 6, & 8 outputs & include a weatherproof housing power supply
From £18.71 £15.59 Ex VAT
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  • Professional RF distribution
  • 12 Volts on UHF input
The Antiference Pro-Series are UHF/VHF Distribution Amplifiers that has a professional distribution amplifier range for the signal distribution.
From £23.42 £19.52 Ex VAT
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  • 12V 100mA power supply
  • Fully screened
  • F connection
The easy mount Antiference PSF1200 12V screened masthead amplifier PSU 100mA provides a 12V CD power supply to a masthead amplifier via a coax cable
£11.22 Ex VAT
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  • Plasma TV friendly
  • Used with IR pass amplifiers
  • Small and Discreet
Antiference Remotelink IR Sensor F-Type Connector can be used with any IR pass amplifiers to view and control channels in extra rooms using SKY remote
£7.21 Ex VAT
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  • Mains Powered
  • Up to 16 Rooms
  • LED Indicators
The Antiference Remotelink Multi Way Distribution Amplifier range lets you remotely watch and change channels in up to 16 rooms and are mains powered
From £22.55 £18.79 Ex VAT
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  • Wideband
  • Unique impedance matched dipole
  • Protected against LTE/4G
The Antiference RX12TM Yagi LTE is a 12 Element lightweight, durable Wideband TV Aerial with a unique impedance matched dipole to operate efficiently
£7.98 Ex VAT
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  • UHF & VHF inputs
  • Energy efficient power supply unit
  • DC pass for use in SKY distribution systems
Antiference 75 Series Amplifiers are designed to distribute VHF/UHF, digital & analogue radio & TV signals in home appliances with no loss of signal
From £20.38 £16.98 Ex VAT
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  • Integrated Brushes
  • White or Black
  • Large Opening
The Bull Nose Brush Module Euro Faceplate Inserts are available in black or white & features brushes to reduce drafts and prevent dust and insects
From £1.57 £1.31 Ex VAT