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Haydon 24V AC/AC 4A Unterminated Power Supply

Haydon 24V AC/AC 4A Unterminated Power Supply

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  • High reliability
  • 24 volt AC output
  • Bare wire end

A range of Haydon 24 volt AC power supplies transformers with a total cable length of 3.8 metres available with 1, 2 or 4 Amp ratings. (Read more)


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The Haydon range of 24 volt AC to Ac inline power supplies are a reliable power source for your electronic equipment. These power supplies are ideal for use with PTZ cameras, smart doorbells and other small electronic devices.

It is important to ensure that the device you are intending to power matches the voltage of the power supply and that it does not exceed the maximum current rating.

Look for the following symbols on your device before using this power supply



Output Current
1000ma (1A) 2000ma (2A) 4000ma (4A)
Output Power Max
24VA 48VA 96VA
Dimensions (mm) 89.5 x 68 x 58.5 105 x 92.5 x 65 121 x 73 x 87.5
Output Voltage
24V AC
Output connector Unterminated bare wire
Output Polarity +ve centre
Input Voltage 240V AC
Input Connector UK 3 Pin
Output Load Efficiency 70% Min
Operating Temp -10°C - 40°C
Cable Length 3.8m
Approvals EMC EN55014-1/2
BS EN61558-1/-2-6
10655 24V AC/AC 1A £14.04 In stock
10837 24V AC/AC 2A £19.50 In stock
11300 24V AC/AC 4A £38.93 £33.60 In stock
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Hi, I need a 24-volt AC transformer to replace a missing one from an old 1980s slot car set (Scalextric). I know it's a 24 Volt set but how do I know which Amp one to buy please? Thank you.
( )
The Scalextric will only draw as much power as it needs so you can fit a power supply with a higher current safely. If it's under powered it may not work or could damage the PSU potentially. If the Scalextric has a sticker on that shows the wattage you can calculate the required current from this, otherwise you could fit a larger power supply like a 4 Amp that should be more than enough power.
( )
Will this 24 v 4 amp transformer drive a water fountain pump rated at 24 v 32 w for long periods ? I used your 2 amp version and it only lasted a week used 6hr during the day

thanks Chris
( )
Assuming the requirement is for a 24v AC transformer, 32 watts equates to less than 1.5 amps. 2 Amps should have been sufficient but it may have been a little too close to its constant capability. A higher current transformer should provide greater tolerance and should be reliable. I would also ensure that the transformer is not getting too hot if it is mounted within a sealed enclosure.
( )
Does the transformer have an earth and ground wire on the 3-pin plug?
Want to use adapter to power a motorised steering wheel but don’t want any risk of shock if anything goes wrong with the circuit,
( )
The Haydon AC/AC 24V PSU's are double-insulated and do not have the earth pin connected in the 3-pin plug.
( )
Is this transformer suitable for activating a solenoid valve used in a garden irrigation system (transformer itself will be in a dry shed).
Valve solenoid is specified at 24VAC (50-60Hz) with an inrush current of 0.30 A at 60Hz and a holding current of 0.19A. Activation will be for about 30 mins per day.
If so, should I add a fuse on the secondary side (as well as the fuse in the transformer mains plug). If such a fuse is needed, can you recommend what type and rating it should be? Many thanks.
( )
Yes, the transformer will be suitable for this. If the device itself has no internal fuse, secondary use would be advisable. You can use an inline car fuse holder and suitably rated fuse for this.
( )
How long is the 24v lead (ie the cord on the load side of the transformer) please?
( )
The load side cable is 1.6 metres
( )
If i use this to power garden lighting and a short occurs in the lighting circuit,how do i protect the transformer ?
( )
We would recommend that you install a fuse in order to protect your equipment against short circuit.
( )
Can this transformer be used outside. To power A 24 volt pond pump.
( )
This transformer is not IP rated and would need to be housed in a suitable waterproof enclosure for outdoor use
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