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What's the difference between UTP, FTP and STP network cables?

Asked 11 months in Wired Network Infrastructure by Anonymous | 1 Answer

What do the letters UTP, FTP and STP etc. mean on network cables?

1 Answer

Answered 11 months by Nathanael

The terms UTP, FTP and STP refer to the types of shielding around a network or Ethernet cable.

  • U/UTP or UTP is completely unshielded
  • F/UTP or FTP has only an overall foil shield
  • S/UTP or STP has only an overall braided shield

additionally, there are versions that offer extra screening around the individual pairs of twisted cables such as

  • F/FTP which has a foil shield around the outer and around each pair
  • S/FTP which has an overall braid and foil around the pairs
  • U/FTP which has a foil shield around the pairs but no overall shield
  • SF/UTP which has a braid and a foil overall shield but shield around the pairs

network cable shield types

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