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Category 6 UTP LSZH Patch Cables
Category 6 UTP LSZH Patch Cables
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Category 6 UTP LSZH Patch Cables

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  • Unshielded twisted pair cable
  • Low Smoke Zero Halogen
  • Gold plated contacts

A range of Low cost certified LSZH UTP Unshielded Cat 6 network patch cables for Gigabit networking available in a variety of colours and lengths. (Read more)


There are 45 variants of this product

£0.85 - £12.13
£0.71 - £10.11 Ex VAT
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Our lowest cost Category 6 LSOH UTP patch cables are certified and lab tested to provide maximum performance at an affordable price. The cables are flexible and slim making them suitable for a variety of installations including where space is limited and narrow bending is required.

This cable is ideal for connecting high speed network devices to your network switches and is compatible with category 6 or category 5 networks.

Key features

  • Unshielded twisted pair cable with RJ45 8P8C modular connector on both ends
  • Durable due to moulded strain relief
  • Halogen-free, flame retardant, low smoke.
  • Flexible and suitable for narrow bending
  • Plugs have gold plated contacts
  • Contact settings 1:1 in accordance with EIA/TIA 568 standard
  • Constructed of 4 pair stranded wire
  • Multiple colours and lengths
Connector RJ45 8P8C unshielded gold plated
Cable 24AWG 4 pair CCA
Standards ISO/IEC 11801 & EN 50173 Verified

10129 Red 0.5m £0.85 Back order
10130 Red 1m £1.15 In stock
10133 Red 2m £1.43 In stock
10134 Red 3m £1.80 In stock
10135 Red 5m £2.76 In stock
10136 Red 10m £3.77 In stock
10146 Yellow 0.5m £0.86 In stock
10145 Yellow 1m £1.14 In stock
10144 Yellow 2m £1.39 In stock
10143 Yellow 3m £1.72 In stock
10142 Yellow 5m £2.76 In stock
10141 Yellow 10m £3.77 In stock
10147 Green 0.5m £0.86 In stock
10148 Green 1m £1.14 In stock
10149 Green 2m £1.39 In stock
10150 Green 3m £1.72 In stock
10151 Green 5m £2.76 In stock
10152 Green 10m £3.78 In stock
10158 Blue 0.5m £0.85 In stock
10157 Blue 1m £1.10 In stock
10156 Blue 2m £1.39 In stock
10155 Blue 3m £1.72 In stock
10154 Blue 5m £2.57 In stock
10153 Blue 10m £3.77 In stock
10159 Black 0.5m £0.85 In stock
10160 Black 1m £1.10 In stock
10161 Black 2m £1.39 In stock
10162 Black 3m £1.82 In stock
10163 Black 5m £2.65 In stock
10164 Black 10m £4.72 In stock
11975 Black 20m £12.13 In stock
10170 White 0.5m £0.85 In stock
10169 White 1m £1.15 In stock
10168 White 2m £1.39 In stock
10167 White 3m £1.72 In stock
10166 White 5m £2.76 In stock
10165 White 10m £4.60 In stock
10171 Grey 0.5m £0.85 In stock
10172 Grey 1m £1.10 In stock
10173 Grey 2m £1.37 In stock
10174 Grey 3m £1.69 In stock
10175 Grey 5m £2.66 In stock
10176 Grey 10m £4.60 In stock
11972 Grey 15m £9.35 In stock
11973 Grey 20m £12.13 In stock
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  Value LSOH UTP Cat 6 patch cable datasheet
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