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Coax Connectors

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  • Split or combine aerial signal
  • Threaded F connector
  • Solid metal construction
This F plug splitter or combiner with DC pass through duplicates or combines an aerial signal from a TV aerial or satellite dish and operates from 5-2450 MHz
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  • Join to F type plugs
  • Extend or repair
  • Pack of 10
The F type plug coupler is for joining 2 coax cables with F type plugs typically used in satellite or TV aerial installationas to extend or repair the cables.
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  • Fits satellite coax
  • For LNB or sat box
  • Easy to fit
The twist on F type coax plug is the standard connector for satellite LNB's and set top boxes. F type connectors are also used for some TV aerials.
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  • Male to female converter
  • F type to IEC Coax
  • Pack of 10
Our F Type Female to TV Aerial Coax Female Adaptor is used to quickly convert from a male f type connector to an aerial coax connection
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  • Female F to Male Aerial
  • Quality connector
  • Pack of 10
The female F plug to male TV aerial adaptor allows a coax cable with an F plug to be plugged into a standard TV aerial socket on a TV or wall plate
£1.95 Ex VAT
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  • Splits a TV aerial signal
  • Solid metal construction
  • 5 - 1000 MHz
The SAC metal TV aerial splitter is a high quality passive adaptor that allows a single TV aerial to be connected to 2 TV's or set top boxes simultaneously.
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  • Black nickel and gold
  • Watertight
  • Award winning
The SAC premium snap-seal F plug is an award winning connector for TV and satellie that makes a watertight seal onto high quality CT100 equivalent coax cable
£0.33 Ex VAT
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  • High quality
  • Watertight
  • Easy to apply
The SAC value snap-seal F plug is a coax crimp connector for TV and satellie that makes a high quality watertight seal onto RG6 or CT100 equivalent coax cable
£0.26 Ex VAT
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  • Easy to fit
  • No tools needed
  • Fits TV aerial cable
The tool-less alloy coax plugs are designed to be easily fitted onto TV aerial coax cable so the cable can be connected to a TV or set top box.
From £2.34 £1.95 Ex VAT
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  • Join 2 aerial leads
  • Female to female
  • Pack of 10
A value TV aerial coax coupler for connecting 2 TV aerial cables or connecting a male TV aerial plug to a male socket
£1.60 Ex VAT