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TV Aerials

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  • Channel 21-60 (wideband)
  • Gain - 10-12dB
  • Protected against LTE/4G
Our easy to assemble 14 element TV aerial has a 10 - 12db gain making it suitable for use in most of the UK. It also features LTE/4G interference protection
£8.95 Ex VAT
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  • 470 ~ 786MHz
  • LTE/4G Shielded
  • Only 40cm Long
The AE0961 is a 40cm long, discrete wide band compact mini log aerial with 20 elements, LTE/4G shielding, F-Type connectors and a multi use clamp
£6.99 Ex VAT
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  • Channel - 21-60 (wideband)
  • Protected against LTE/4G
  • Gain -12dB
The 28 Element High Gain Wide Band Log Aerial is 4G/LTE protected and comes with F-type connectors & a multi use clamp for quick and easy installation
£8.50 Ex VAT
Low stock
  • Wideband
  • Unique impedance matched dipole
  • Protected against LTE/4G
The Antiference RX12TM Yagi LTE is a 12 Element lightweight, durable Wideband TV Aerial with a unique impedance matched dipole to operate efficiently
£7.98 Ex VAT
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  • Compact size
  • 4G/LTE Filtering
  • High Gain / Wideband
Our compact 32 element high gain wideband TV aerial has 4G/LTE filtering and is only 640mm long making it ideal as a space saving TV aeri
£12.57 Ex VAT
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  • Wideband / Digital
  • 4G/LTE Filtering
  • 470 ~ 786MHz
The SAC high quality 11dB digital TV aerial with 21 elements comes with an end mount & 4G/LTE filter to eliminate noise from mobile phone internet
£12.86 Ex VAT
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  • 470 ~ 786MHz
  • Length - 1105mm
  • Ch 21-60 (wideband)
The SAC lightweight 48 element TV aerial has a powerful 12db gain making it ideal for receiving digital TV channels in fringe areas or areas with poor signal.
£13.96 Ex VAT
In stock
  • 470~786 MHz
  • LTE/4G Protected
  • 21-60 (wideband)
The SAC low cost high quality TV aerial with 12 rugged elements comes with F connectors & 4G/LTE filter to eliminate noise from mobile phone internet
£6.57 Ex VAT
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  • Compact size <400mm
  • 4G/LTE Filtering
  • Wideband / Digital
Our ultra compact 7 element digital TV aerial is ideal for installation where space is very limited such as caravans, boats and camper vans
£6.59 Ex VAT