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*I need 2 cameras, one at each end of a 15m barn to watch mares in the pens below going into labour. Can I operate two cameras via ethernet cable from a single socket on the router?
*I need night vision and to be able to watch on android phones from anywhere.
*I need pan, zoom and tilt - to be able to go in close to watch the signs of going into labour.
*I need real time, instantaneous viewing
*I have a limit of 400Gb on our internet usage, will this drain it quickly?
*Is it easy to install myself?
*Does it come with a fixing bracket, if not which should I buy?

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the hilook PTZ is capable of the zoom function required. it will be real time viewing too. it doesn't come with a bracket as standard the bracket is HIA-B472 which can be asked to add to order at the time of purchase (I will note here that as the product arrives with us some do and some don't have brackets) each camera will need a single cat 5 / 6 cable. They can also be powered by this cable using a POE switch. Installing would be done solely from the app which will find the cameras with a QR code and activated with a password of your choosing. These cameras also support a Micro SD card for recording

As far as bandwidth you should be fine

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