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I am looking for a Hikvision IP CCTV camera with 2 way audio. Is there a model that has a speaker and microphone?

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Several Hikvision cameras have built-in microphones for example the DS-2CD25xxFWD-IS cameras and the new colorvu cameras with -LU at the end of the product code.

Some of the new Acusense cameras that have -SL at the end of the code have a built-in speaker that can play a pre-recorded message or be used for talk-through.

The only camera with both a mic and a speaker however is the Pyronix cube camera that is an internal camera and is compatible with Hikvision hardware and software.

An alternative would be to use an outdoor 12 volt speaker/mic connected to a camera that has an audio input and ouput which is something quite a few Hikvision cameras feature.

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