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Category 5e UTP Patch Cable 25m Grey
Category 5e UTP Patch Cable 25m Grey
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Category 5e UTP Patch Cable 25m Grey

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  • Supports Gigabit
  • RJ45 plug - RJ45 plug
  • Variety of lengths and colours

Our low cost Category 5e UTP patch cables are lightweight and flexible and ideal for internal use connecting gigabit network devices (Read more)


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These Category 5e patch cables are our lowest cost patch cables and are ideal for use indoors for connecting network devices at up to Gigabit speeds.

The patch cables are terminated with an RJ45 connector on both ends and have a flexible PVC sheath making them easy to install.

Our Cat 5e patch cables are available in Grey, Black, Red, Yellow Green and Blue and in lengths from 0.5 to 50 metres.


  • Very low cost
  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Pre-terminated
  • Fitted with strain relief
Product type UTP Patch Cables
Colour grey
Length 0.5, 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 50 Metres*

* Not all sizes are available in all colours
Shield type UTP
Transfer quality Cat5e / Class D
Impedance 100 Ohm
Quantity of wires 8
Conductor type Wire
Crossed No
Cable LSOH No
Connector Type RJ45 Standard
10902 Grey 0.5m £0.56 In stock
10903 Grey 1m £0.78 In stock
10904 Grey 2m £1.03 In stock
10905 Grey 3m £1.28 In stock
10906 Grey 5m £1.93 In stock
10907 Grey 7m £2.09 In stock
10908 Grey 10m £3.23 In stock
10909 Grey 15m £4.60 In stock
10910 Grey 20m £6.14 In stock
13493 Grey 25m £15.74 In stock
13494 Grey 30m £18.84 In stock
12944 Red 0.5m £0.96 In stock
12949 Red 1m £1.22 In stock
12954 Red 2m £1.86 In stock
12959 Red 3m £2.33 In stock
12964 Red 5m £3.67 In stock
12969 Red 10m £3.96 In stock
12974 Red 15m £5.71 In stock
12979 Red 20m £7.51 In stock
12945 Yellow 0.5m £0.96 In stock
12950 Yellow 1m £1.22 In stock
12955 Yellow 2m £1.86 In stock
12960 Yellow 3m £2.44 In stock
12965 Yellow 5m £2.20 In stock
12970 Yellow 10m £3.96 In stock
12975 Yellow 15m £5.71 In stock
12980 Yellow 20m £7.51 In stock
12946 Green 0.5m £0.89 In stock
12951 Green 1m £1.26 In stock
12956 Green 2m £1.86 In stock
12961 Green 3m £2.44 In stock
12966 Green 5m £3.20 In stock
12971 Green 10m £3.96 In stock
12976 Green 15m £5.71 In stock
12981 Green 20m £7.51 In stock
12947 Blue 0.5m £0.85 In stock
12952 Blue 1m £1.26 In stock
12957 Blue 2m £1.86 In stock
12962 Blue 3m £2.44 In stock
12967 Blue 5m £3.34 In stock
12972 Blue 10m £3.96 In stock
12977 Blue 15m £5.71 In stock
12982 Blue 20m £7.51 In stock
12948 Black 0.5m £0.96 In stock
12953 Black 1m £1.26 In stock
12958 Black 2m £1.80 In stock
12963 Black 3m £2.44 In stock
12968 Black 5m £3.66 In stock
12973 Black 10m £6.11 In stock
12978 Black 15m £10.44 In stock
12983 Black 20m £17.92 In stock
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  Category 5e UTP patch cable datasheet
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Are patch cables the same as Ethernet cable
( )
A patch cable is any short cable for patching between two devices and can be of various types. An ethernet patch cable has an RJ45 at both ends and is usually wired to a specific standard. Ethernet patch cables are available as Category 5e, 6, 6A, 7 or 8. Category 6 is currently the most popular for standard data networks.
( )
Are these cables solid copper or CCA (copper clad aluminium?)
( )
Our Cat 5e UTP PVC patch cables have a solid copper 26AWG conductor
( )

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